Week 11: Research and Analytics

Our topics this week take two distinct directions: analytics & research.
In terms of analytics: The growth of data surpasses the ability of organizations or individuals to make sense of it. This concern is particularly pronounced in relation to knowledge, teaching, and learning. Learning institutions and corporations make little use of the data learners "throw off" in the process of accessing learning materials, interacting with educators and peers, and creating new content. In an age where educational institutions are under growing pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, analytics promises to be an important lens through which to view and plan for change at course and institutions levels. Corporations likewise face pressure for increased competitiveness and productivity, a challenge that requires important contributions in organizational capacity building.
In terms of research: Since 2004, we've encountered numerous discussions about the status of connectivism as a learning theory and potential research areas. This conversations have occurred in bits and pieces - in academic journals, in CCK courses, in conferences, and on blogs. This week, we will attempt to pull together some of the prominent critiques of connectivism and recast those as potential research topics.


Thursday, 8 pm Eastern Time. Elluminate:https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/launch/meeting.jnlp?sid=2008104&password=M.9D02C4469B0C9783A1C6E60A6CD262
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Your concept map is due this week!