Help and Orientation Resources

1. Join this Diigo group A short tutorial on how we will use it in this course: This service will allow course members to share resources related to connectivism with each other.

2. Create a Twitter account. Here's a tutorial: We are using #cck12 as the course tag (described in the tutorial). Following and connecting with others in CCK12 will form an important backchannel to the course.

3. Create a blog (blogger or edublog are fine).

This is how the course works:

On Monday each week, you'll receive course content, readings, and videos in the Daily. This is a short tutorial on The Daily:

Then, each week, we ask you to blog, share your thoughts, connect with others, tweet, and share resources on Diigo.

We expect to host one live session each week (that will be recorded). We will try and have this at a set time each week, but there may be some variance to accommodate different time zones.

In order to have your blog posts included in the Daily, your post must include CCK12 somewhere in the title or in the post. This tutorial details how you create an account on the course website and how you submit your blog post for inclusion in the Daily email (more on that in the tutorial linked below):